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Interview With The Winner

Let's all welcome our very first winner. John Arvin Dollosa of District 6!

Alejandro: Did you ever expect to come out of the Hunger Games alive?

John Arvin: I don't really know. But I guess I wouldn't. I'm just a kid who doesn’t know anything about survival skills but luckily I came up whooping a lot of supplies and many more. It's actually fun to see myself safe and the others dying, so you would go have your chances higher and higher as many tributes die and die.

Alejandro: So when did you realize that you could win? What was the key factor in the game that made you say "I can win this game!"?

John Arvin: When I saw I made myself in the Final 4, then surprisingly, I killed Syzmon, I knew that in my mind, I can totally win this game. I just acted like I wasn't so that if I lost, it wasn't a big deal, because I didn't really show the world HOW I felt about me actually having a chance at the win.

Alejandro: Alright, so among all the dead tributes, which death do you feel worst about?

John Arvin: Well, my supposed to be ally Mick, but he was cut short and was killed first. So it wasn't really a big deal, but he's from my district. And besides I'm really blind about what happened in the whole game, since NO ONE EVEN DARED TO HUNT ME. So yeah, that explains a lot to your question.

Alejandro: If you could re-do your season, would you do anything differently?

John Arvin: Well, nothing. I'd rather be treated like Johanna. Because I dont want to be those guys from district 1 whom they target immediately, even though, they hadn't even started a single thing.

Alejandro: So you are a very notable winner, the weapon you've used to kill majority of your enemies was a basic Hunting Knife! That's very noteworthy, how do you feel about killing tributes who had better and bigger weapons than you?

John Arvin: Very great, because that explains the quote, don't underestimate a thing. Even though, this basic hunting knife looked like some old rusty not so weapon thing, it can actually kill a bunch of people. So yeah, I really felt great about it. Next time, use basic, because you don't know how to operate the bigger ones.

Alejandro: It's amazing how the youngest contestant ever from a nearly unknown district won the Hunger Games. What was your biggest strategy in the game aside from playing "Under the Radar"?

John Arvin: I don't know. Maybe because me being unpopular was kind of an advantage, because no one cared to hunt or kill you. So, this might be the other one. The poison the people didn't actually worked since I didn't meet a lot of people in my way.

Alejandro: In the early game, you had the perfect opportunity to to trick Blake Bougerolle into eating poisonous berries. What kept your from making your second kill?

John Arvin: Well, I'm actually thought about whether to kill him or not. But I needed an ally, so I guessed I wouldn't.

Alejandro: So how did you feel when you both got separated so early in the game?

John Arvin: Nothing. Well, I'm kinda scared for not having a single ally at my side. But I figured out, I can do this alone.

Alejandro: If you and Blake were put on the same side of the arena during the final 8 (when there was a force field) Would you two have aligned again?

John Arvin: Yeah, for sure. I guess so.

Alejandro: Alright, now one last question. Would you be willing to mentor the tributes for next season?

John Arvin: Sure, but I think I'd rather have unpopular students than cocky ones.

Alejandro: Haha! Alright, thank you for your time John Arvin! You're by far the most humble and most shocking player to play this season! Congratulations again for winning the first ever Hunger Games!

John Arvin: Sure, thanks
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Victory Tour - Award Ceremonies

Welcome to the Hunger Games - Award Ceremonies!
Welcome to the Hunger Games Victory Tour! where we remember the significant tributes and supporterswho made a huge impact on the game. So lets open the Award Ceremonies!
Our first award is for the Most Deadly Tribute. These are the tributes who sought out to kill and were the most ruthless throughout the whole game. Definitely in the spirit of the Hunger Games!
Our nominees are: Szymon Sucharski and Samuel Hall.
Our second award is for the Best Strategist. Let's remember that strategy is a huge portion in the Hunger Games. It's not always the strongest who end up winning, sometimes, being the smartest will keep you alive!
Our nominees are: Szymon Sucharski, Joan Trives, Taylor Machholz and John Arvin Dollosa
Our third award is the Early Exit Award. To remember those who had a good chance at winning, but ended up being eliminated in the blood bath.
Our nominees are: Zombie, Mark Olasiman and Lucas Toft
Our fourth award is #1 contender award. This is given to those who were the odds on favorite to win, even us Moderators thought these nominees would end up winning.
Our nominees are: JP Ungco, Szymon Sucharski and Blake Bougerolle
Our fifth award is the Lone Wolf Award. This award is given to those who made it deep into the game without any aid from anyone. Let's remember that being the lone wolf is a very valid strategy.
Our nominees are: JP Ungco, CJ Komikura and Samuel Hall
Our sixth award is not for any tribute, it's for the people who were not in the game and yet made a huge effect in our season. Lets all remember our valid sponsors! (due to privacy reasons, we will not be posting their names as nominees)
And our final award is for the Best Moderator! It takes so much time and effort to become a good moderator, so lets remember our brilliant mods for this season who made it a good success!
Nominees: Aston Hughes, Luke Spiers, Sam Cancanpiano and Gerda Parkja (for obvious reasons, I will not be included in the list.)
The Results are:
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The Finale

The final 3:
Joan sits patiently in the cornocopia, eagerly awaiting the final battle. He is then startled by a 9 year old boy who comes chargina at him with a spear. Joan quickly pulls out his sword and attempts to swing it at John Arvin, but John Arvin managed to use the spear to swing the sword off Joan's hand. 
Joan decides not to pick up the sword, he then staggers back and pulls out a few throwing knives. He aims one at John Arvin's heart. But John Arvin is too fast, he runs towards Joan in a zig-zag pattern and manages to dodge several of the throwing knives.
John Arvin pulls out his hunting knife, jumps up and stabs Joan through his lower jaw. Joan falls to the ground as John Arvin finishes the job by pulling out the knife and jabbing it through Joan's temple.
Night time was approaching quickly, the tributes knew that the volcano would erupt within 2 days. This is the second day and John Arvin seems to be the only one in the safe zone...
He then sees Monkey limping in a distance towards the cornocopia with a spear in one hand. John Arvin pulls out his hunting knife and attempts to hide in order to have the element of surprise. 
They are both knocked to the ground by a huge explosion. It's coming from the volcano! Rocks and roaring magma burst out of the crater as the ground shakes in a huge earthquake. 
John Arvin remains in his hiding place as his heart starts to plummet out of his chest. He sees the Magma coming closer and closer, but not close enough to reach the cornocopia.
The magma starts coming near Monkey, who tries to out-run it but is suffocated by the deadly toxins coming from the magma. He falls down as the magma burns his feet and slowly fries him to a crisp.
The sound of the canon signified the death of the 23rd tribute. The ground stopped shaking, the heat stopped rising, and the roaring red magma turned into a soft soothing brown as it was absorbed by the ground.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are pround to present the winner of the first ever Hunger Games - John Arvin Dollosa!"
John Arvin, from District 6 is now the very first winner of the Hunger Games and will receive the prize of having a book written about the Hunger Games from his point of view. 
Congratulations John Arvin! The odds were definitely in your favor!
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Day 7

The volcano will erupt tonight. All tributes that are not in the capitol will die. The finale is drawing near, a winner will be crowned soon.
For this time, you will be playing a game called "Medieval Mercenary" (
Send your screencap of the score to The deadline is on December 17th, 04:30 am UTC.
Good Luck!
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Night 6

You look at the sky, wondering which tribute has passed. Suddenly you hear the Capitol's anthem and see the face of the fallen tribue.
District 5: Szymon Sucharski
The anthem ends and the symbol fades.
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Day 6

Congratulations for making the final 4! Now that the force field has been lifted, we will now announce that the mountain located on your map is actually a volcano that will errupt in 2 game days. The only safe zone will be at the cournocopia. That's I-9, I-10, J-9 and J-10. Anyone who does not make it to the cournocopia within the 2 day time span will die a horrible, painful death. (Note: Even if you're on the other side of the map, you will still be able to make it to the safe zone within two day, so we can guarantee that this will be fair)
Since we're at the final 4, your killing scores have been reset to 0. Please update your playing score by playing the game called "Simpsons Arcade"( and sending a screencap of the score to
The deadline for submissions and your daily requirements will be on December 15th, 19:00am UTC.

When you send your e-mail, please include the following:
1.) Your killing score
2.) Food and water requirements
3.) Where you will go
4.) Confessional (optional)
Good Luck!
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Night 5 - The Anthem

You shiver in the cold snow storm. You're hudled up in a ball just to stay warm. You know that not many are left, you know that you're so close to winning this game. Your chances of survival are stronger than ever.
The anthem shines in the night. You recall 3 canons being sounded. 1 of them right after last night's anthem. You see the faces of the fallen tributes in the sky.
From District 3: Blake Bougerolle
From District 5: JP Ungco
From District 10: Samuel Hall
You hear the game maker's voice come out from everywhere.
"Attention Tributes, welcome to the final 4. The force field has been removed. You are free to roam anywhere in the arena. This will be the only announcement tonight."
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Day 5

You wake up and hear a sound of an doesn't sound like a cannon...
You don't have time to think, a huge wave of snow is hurling towards you! It's an avalanche! Run for your life and take cover!
Here is your Survival Game for today:
Send in your screencap to (Do not send it to any of the other e-mails since this one seems to be working properly)
Note: At least 1 person dies after every Survival Challenge.
Deadline for Submissions: December 12, 2013 2:30am UTC
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Day 4 - The Anthem

You're cold, those of you who have fire are surviving but those of you who have not are slowly drifting off to death. You heard the sound of the canon earlier during the day. But you're surprised that you've only heard one canon during the feast, especially since there are two feasts tonight...
You see the Captiol's symbol in the sky and the faces of your fallen tributes:
From District 1: Taylor Machholz 
With only 7 people left, your hopes in returning home are getting stronger and stronger.
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Day 4 - The Feast

You wake up to the cold whether...cold? since when did it become cold? you open your eyes and you feel like you're in Santa's village, it's snowing!
But don't get happy just yet, your fingers are starting to need fire and water soon. You look over to the lake and shallow ponds and notice that ALL THE WATER is frozen.
For those of you who do not have fire or water, there will be a feast held in a location where all tributes will be able to go to. For the tributes on the left side, please proceed to E-3 and for tributes on the right side, please proceed to E-8. A surplus in fire and water will be available there. Good luck
Tributes that don't obtain fire by TONIGHT will die of hypothermia, tributes that don't have water will slowly die of thirst.
Since no tribute made use of the killing challenge scores, there will be NO KILLING CHALLENGE today, instead, your killing score from the last challenge will be carried over to today (You may still resend your challenge scores if you don't feel confident in your current one)
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Night 3 - The Anthem

The logo of the captiol shines in the sky as you see the face of your fallen tribute:
From District 11: CJ Komikura
The logo disappears into the night sky. You notice that it's getting unusually cold... 
The day is not over yet, there is no Killing Challenge or Survival challenge.
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Day 3

It was all a dream, you’re safe… You’ve survived…you distinctly remember hearing a cannon go off though…you wonder who died.

You open your eyes and do not recognize your surroundings. You must have walked around a lot more than you thought.

“Attention Tributes, now that you are all awake. All 8 of you have been separated onto both sides of the arena with 4 tributes on each side. There is currently a force field between vertical lines 5 and 6, any tribute who tries to cross the force field will be incinerated. The force field will turn off once 2 tributes from each side are killed.”


So each of you have been placed on a new area of the map via randomization, all 4 of you on each side will have to hunt each other down and kill 2 other tributes. When both sides have successfully killed 2 tributes, the force field will be removed.

You will be given a private message regarding your new location.

Here are the things you must accomplish by the end of this game day:

1.) Your killing challenge:

2.) Your next destination

3.) Things you will eat and drink

4.) Confessional (optional)


Your items that were on your person are still with you. Items left on your camp will remain there. Send in your answers to
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Night 2 - The Anthem

Everything is quiet…too quiet...

You’re all startled by the sudden sound of the anthem and the seal of the capitol in the skies and you see the faces of the fallen tributes.

From District 8: Katherine Abarea

From District 9: Enrique Kraft

From District 10: Jennifer Naya

From District 12: Rick Lowell

The sky turns dark again, you notice how cloudy it is tonight…unusually cloudy…then you notice that what you’re seeing aren’t clouds…it’s fog

You feel the ground move as a magnitude 8 earthquake strikes! But this isn’t just any earthquake, It’s a game maker made earthquake. It acts like a huge wave on the ground as all the tributes are shaken.

You see trees walking out of the ground through their roots, you see the ground you walk on move like a 20ft tsunami, you see lights and flashing colors everywhere…

Everything you know tells you that nothing you see is real…and that’s when you realize…it isn’t! What you’re seeing right now is a hallucination caused by the fog.

You feel your body moving, it’s out of control. You don’t know where you’re going, you’re blanking out…you see nothing at all…

You then start to think that you’re back in the city… you see 3 men with guns firing bullets at you… something tells you that the fog was made by the game makers, it can create any hallucination that the game makers want… something tells you, that if you die in your hallucination…you die for real.


You will all have to play a Survival challenge. Just to be clear, the tribute/s that scores the lowest in survival challenge will die.

Here is your challenge.

Remember that we are now using a NEW e-mail address due to complications with the old one. We apologize for the inconvenience. The new E-Mail address is

Sending your screencap to the Yahoo or Google e-mail address MAY invalidate your score if we are unable to see it. Thank you tributes and good luck.
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Day 2

Day 2

The tributes awaken to the blazing hot sun. You need to find a way to keep the temperature down before you die of heatstroke. All the tributes check their maps in a desperate attempt to find a shady place.

They notice 3 things:

The nearby trees and forests (A-9, A-8, B-8, B-7, C-7, C-8, D-8, E-8, F-8, G-7, H-6, H-5, I-5, J-5 and J-7)

The river

And the Mountain

The tributes need to remain hydrated. They need to consume more water than needed (Tributes need to consume water good for 4 meals instead of 3 for today)

You need to find a place with shade within 2 game days or you will die of heatstroke. You may attempt to build shelter out of fallen branches and big palm leaves in every square, however, they may not be sturdy (A shelter built by an average tribute will fail 6 out of 10 times. A shelter built by a tribute who participated in the shelter challenge during the training days will fail 4 out of 10 times. A shelter built by the person who got the highest score in the shelter challenge during the training days will NOT fail.)

We’d also like to remind the tributes about sponsors. You can get sponsors in 3 ways:

1.) Have a high tribute score (Tribute Score x 5)

2.) Kill another tribute (15 points)

3.) Have a friend who is NOT PLAYING IN THE HUNGER GAMES sponsor you by playing this and sending a screencap to (1 minute = 1 point. 1 Minute and 59 seconds is still 1 point).

Send the item you need the most to and if you have enough sponsor points, your desired item will be delivered to you via silver parachute.

Now for your challenges:

Killing Challenge:

Read these rules CAREFULLY because it may be a little tricky.

1.) You must play with 3 opponents

2.) You must play at level 1

3.) You must only play 1 game. (If you are not satisfied with your score, DO NOT click the yellow “play now” button, click “quit” then repeat the game)

4.) Only play 1 player

(Failure to comply with these rules will result to you getting a score of 0)

There will be no stealth and survival challenge today (We are thinking about completely removing it from the Hunger Games)

Send the screen cap of your challenge to you all have 36 hours to submit your scores. Deadline for submissions is November 30, 3am UTC

Additional Things needed for day 2:
1.) Tell us which part of the map you intend on going
2.) Tell us which items you consume (Failure to do this will result to random items being consumed for you until you meet the 3 food and 4 water requirement)
3.) Additional Strategies (optional)
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Day 1 - The Anthem

Several cannons were fired after the bloodbath. The tributes slowly count as the cannons stop after the 11th one.
Eleven tributes dead.
Later that night, as the tributes were preparing to sleep. They saw the emblem of the capitol and the faces of the fallen tributes.

District 1: Eddie Thomas
District 2: Charlie Neilson and Arianna Reales
District 3: Jake Riederich
District 5: Mark Olasiman
District 6: Lucas Toft
District 7: Macah Thomas
District 8: Celine Vega
District 9: Zombie
District 11: Randy Johnson
District 12: Erikson Montgomery

The anthem ends as the night sky grows darker. All the tributes are exhausted. They don't seem to need any fire since the night is unusually warm...
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Day 1: The Bloodbath

The tributes will now be brought to their pods and will be transported to the arena.
You have each been given a map of the arena: You are all in J-10

Because of the weight of the items, you may only carry 5 items from the bloodbath. I'll post the stations and you must send us an e-mail regarding the 5 stations you wish to run to. 

Stations in the cornocopia:
Survival Kits
Mystery Packages
1.) Spears
2.) Food
3.) Food
4.) Survival Kits
5.) Spears
(This means that you will walk out of the bloodbath with 2 spears, 2 sets of food and 1 survival kit if you make it out alive)
Send us a list of your allies, if you're in the same square as someone who is NOT your ally, then we will refer to your killing score. The person who has the highest killing score will survive. (For an alliance to work, each member of that alliance needs to notify the mods via e-mail.)
Afterwards, you may select which area of the map you will run to (You may only run up to 5 horizontal, diagonal or vertical squares each day). Not sending which square you choose to run to or sending an invalid square will mean that you forfeit your chance to move and that you will remain in that square for the rest of the day.
If you are in the same square as the other tributes, you will be notified. You may choose to fight or align, remember that a high stealth score will mean that you will not be seen by the other tribute. 
You must consume food and water each day. Several days without food and water will kill you. There are 3 ways in which you can find food and water (To use the food and water packs that you have, to have a high survival score, to search the surroundings 
You may also choose to target tributes, which means that you will follow them to their first destination and if both of you survive the bloodbath, you will follow them to their destination.
Note: For those who choose to stay in the cornocopia, you will be given a list of the items that have been left behind and you may choose which items to bring with you.
Here are your challenges for the day:
Killing Challenge => (To be played on medium mode)
Stealth Challenge => (Level 1 Only)
Survival Challenge =>
One more thing, you may choose to work as allies. If you do, then the average score (+1/2 of the score of the lowest ally) will be your killing score (For more information:
Send the screencaps of your challenge scores, the stations you wish to visit, the square you wish to go to and the list of your allies to 
Your 60 seconds are up. BEGIN!
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Training Days Results/Sponsor Information

Congratulations Tributes, The official hunger games are about to start soon! But not without finishing off the training days!
It is here where we will reveal your tribute score which will affect your sponsors. Now that we're dealing with sponsors, let me explain how they will work. Every game-day, you will be asked to send us an e-mail saying the item that you currently need the most (i.e matches, a weapon, food, water, etc) and if you have enough sponsors, that item will be delivered to you via a silver parachute.
So in order to gain sponsors, you will need them to play this game: and send a screencap over to us. The time the sponsor takes to hold the button will represent how much money the sponsor has pitched in for that item that you really need.
Another way to gain sponsors is to have a high tribute score, your tribute score will grant you instant sponsors in the game (1 point = 5 minutes spent holding the button). So people will high training days scores have instant sponsors. Congratulations!

District 1
Taylor Machholz

Eddie Thomas

District 2
Charlie Neilson

Arianna Reales

District 3
Jake Riederich

Blake Bougerolle

District 4

Szymon Sucharski

District 5
JP Ungco

Mark Olasiman

District 6
John Arvin Dollosa

Lucas Toft

District 7
Joan Trives

Micah Thomas

District 8
Celine Vega

Katherine Abarea

District 9
Enrique Craft


District 10
Samuel Hall

Jennifer Naya

District 11
CJ Komikura

Randy Johnson

District 12
Rick Lowell

Erikson Montgomery

Congratulations in an overwhelming number of tributes with 12 points! Good luck tributes! The details of the bloodbath will be posted soon!
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Training Days

Welcome to the Training Centre!
Hunger Games ORG Season 1 - The Training Days Here are the challenges you can play:
1.) Archery
2.) Melee Proficiency
3.) Projectiles
4.) Spears
5.) Fire Making
6.) Animal Snares –
(Note: Play this game on Easy Mode)
7.) Sprinting –
8.) First Aid
9.) Tracking -
(Note: The game mode you wish to play is up to you, but you’ll get more points in harder levels.)
10.) Climbing
11.) Identifying Poison -
12.) Shelter
(Note: You may play any level. You must play the game on Medium Mode)Your game submissions must look like this:

Add a photo to this galleryJSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:[{"url":"","type":"js"},{"url":"","type":"css"}],callback:function(json){WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init(json)},id:"WikiaPhotoGalleryView.init"})You have 48 hours to send in your submissions. The submissions are due on 19th of November, 16:30 UTC.

Good luck!
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The Reaping

Thank you to all the tributes that have replied! We have received an overwhelming number of applicants and after a 1 month casting process, we are pround to announce the tributes for this season's Hunger Games! Hunger Games ORG Season 1 - The Reaping
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Applications Are Now Open!

Do you wanna compete in the Hunger Games? Now is your chance! Fill out this form and send it to me via facebook here. Or you can E-Mail it to us at 
Question 1: What is your name?


Question 2: How old are you?


Question 3: What country do you currently live in?


Question 4: Do you have an active Facebook account? If so, please give a link:


Question 5: How much time do you spend using the internet every day?


Question 6: How do you plan on winning the Hunger Games?


a.) To play viciously as a lone wolf and kill everyone

b.) To work with an alliance and turn on them before they turn on me

c.) To stay under the radar and win at the late game

d.) Others (Please specify)


Question 7: Give 3 words/phrases that describe you




Question 8: Name 3 things that you do during your free time (hobbies)




Question 9: What are the top 5 Districts that you wish to represent? Please justify why you should be part of that district:






Question 10: If you were cast in the Hunger Games (in the real world) do you think that you could win? If yes, please tell us why you think you would.


Question 11: Do you have any friends that are also signing up for the Hunger Games? If yes, please give their first and last name.

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