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Day 6

As you wake up you notice how there are water ponds between the hills, the gamemakers must want the tributes to be hydrated.
Things to do:
1.) Your killing challenge: It's staying the same due to no deaths occuring on Day 5.
2.) Your next destination
3.) Things you will eat and drink
4.) Confessional (optional)
5.) Pick one of the following items for the feast: Food, Armour, Weapons or Suprise Item
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Day 5: The Anthem

The anthem doesn't show any faces.
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Day 5

As you wake up you see that a thin layer of fog surrounds you, it is somehow more like hot water vapour. You wonder how the fog could have been created when suddenly the anthem plays.
"Hello tributes! We know that many of you spent an entire day without eating and we've made the arena even colder over night meaning that if you don't eat in 3 days in a row you'll be pretty much dead! So you must think, how nice of the gamemakers to warn you that our chances of starving are even higher than we thought! Well wait for that because you are going to love us, in two days a.k.a. Day 7 we are having a feast in the cornucopia. There will be a backpack for each tribute containing food or something they need.
Sadly we know that some of you don't enjoy socialising with the other tributes so what we did was release the mist you see in the arena over night while we turned the temperature down. It's actually a poisonous gas that will kill you in a horrible way unless you drink a special medication we will include in your feast backpacks. Don't worry, the gas will go away in a few hours we don't want to overdose any of you. But remember that if you don't go to the feast and grab a cure you will be dead.
May the odds be ever in your favour!"
The announcement cuts off and the fog isn't that warm any longer.

Things to do:
1.) Your killing challenge: It's staying the same due to no deaths occuring on Day 4.
2.) Your next destination
3.) Things you will eat and drink
4.) Confessional (optional)
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Day 4: The Anthem

No faces appear in the anthem today.
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Day 4

As you wake up you realise your food has ended. This is because the corncuopia was organized so that each of the 24 tributes had food for two days. However due to the deaths there was enough food for three days. From now own food will be only obtained from either hunting, fishing, recolecting or sponsoring. The last one wont be cheap...
2 days without food will mean you are weakened and your killing scores will be halved. 3 days will mean that your body is so drained and you will only be allowed to move 1 square a day. 4 days will mean death by starvation. Also remember that a good source of keeping your body warm is eating...
Things to do:
1.) Your killing challenge:

2.) Your next destination
3.) Things you will eat and drink
4.) Confessional (optional)
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Day 3: The Anthem

When the sky darkens only two sings can be seen, the fire that has covered the south-west corner of the arena and the seal of the capitol in the sky. The faces appear shortly after.
District 1: Dakota
District 6: Jo
After the two faces the arena grows even colder in the distance the crackling of the fire is still heard.
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Day 3

As the sun raises an there is something different, raising from H1 there is a huge column of smoke. The gamemakers have started a fire to force anybody or anything there out. If by the end of the day anybody is in H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, F1, F2, F3 or F4 they will be probably burnt to ashes. 

Here are the things you must accomplish by the end of this game day:
1.) Your killing challenge:

2.) Your next destination
3.) Things you will eat and drink
4.) Confessional (optional)
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Day 2

It is said that the night is when the temperature is when the arena is the coldest. However you wake up, shivering. None of the tributes had time to start a fire or make a shelter due to the night arriving suddenly and the gamemakers tricking the tributes with the average temperature last night.
People who don't build a shelter , have supplies such as sleeping bags or make a fire. However shelters unless they are of high quality will not block off the cold. If you don't manage to do any of those you will die of hypothermia.

We’d also like to remind the tributes about sponsors. You can get sponsors in 3 ways:
1.) Have a high tribute score (Tribute Score x 5)
2.) Kill another tribute (15 points)
3.) Have a friend who is NOT PLAYING IN THE HUNGER GAMES sponsor you by playing this and sending a screencap to (1 minute = 1 point. 1 Minute and 59 seconds is still 1 point).

Send the item you need the most to and if you have enough sponsor points, your desired item will be delivered to you via silver parachute.

Now for your challenges:

Killing Challenge:
Read these rules CAREFULLY because it may be a little tricky.
1.) You must play with 3 opponents
2.) You must play at level 1
3.) You must only play 1 game. (If you are not satisfied with your score, DO NOT click the yellow “play now” button, click “quit” then repeat the game)
4.) Only play 1 player
(Failure to comply with these rules will result to you getting a score of 0)
Things needed for day 2:
1.) Tell us which part of the map you intend on going
2.) Tell us which items you consume.
3.) Additional Strategies (optional)
4.) Screenshot of game
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Day 1: The Anthem

Several cannons were fired after the bloodbath. The tributes slowly count as the cannons stop after the 6th one.
Six tributes dead.
Later that night, as the tributes were preparing to sleep. They saw the emblem of the capitol and the faces of the fallen tributes.
District 2: Ali
District 4: Monkey
District 8: Kesha
District 9: Kaeghan
District 11: Potato
District 12: Kitty
The anthem ends as the night sky grows darker. All the tributes are exhausted. The cold arena isn't that cold. It seems as if the gamemakers are giving the tributes a night of rest.
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Day 1: The Bloodbath

The tributes will now be brought to their pods and will be transported to the arena.
You have each been given a map of the arena: You are all in C-4

Because the weight of items you can only carry a total of 5 items from the bloodbath i'll post the list of items and you must send me to my e-mail/facebook what 5 items you pick and in what order. Also note that the objects are pilled into different stations to the category they belong to and that you may try to pick a certain order to evade people. It's also recomended to pick an optative object if that object is already gone.
* Sword (x2)
* Axe (x4)
* Bow and 24 arrows (x1)
* Spears (x2)
* Pack of 10 throwing knives (x2)
* Knife (x6) 
* Blowgun and 24 darts (x1)

*Large Bottle //2 days// (x2) 
*Small Bottle //1 day// (x4)
*Empty Small Bottle (x2) 

*Loaf of bread //half day// (x4) 
*Bag of Fruit //2 days// (x4)
*Beef Jerky //1 day// (x4) 
*Soup Canteen //1 day// (x3) 
*Mushroom stew //1 day// (x2)
*Tuna can //half day// (x2) 
*Dry Fruit //half day// (x4) 

* Tent for four people (x1)
* Sleeping bag (x4) 
* Box of 10 matches (x2) 
* Bundle of firewood (x4)
* Parka (x4) 
* First Aid Kit (x2)
* Shovel (x2)
* Camouflage kit (x1)

* Large //6 objects//  (x6)
* Small //3 objects// (x14)


1) Axe (If not Knife)
2) Sleeping bag
3) Box of 10 matches
4) Mushroom stew (If not Tuna Can)
5) Large Backpack (if not small)

(That would mean that you would make it out with the five objects of your choice if you survive.)

Send a list of people who are your allies or you don't want to kill, if you're in the same square o station as someone who is NOT your ally (Unless you state your strategy is not killing), then we will refer to your killing score. The person who has the highest killing score will survive. (For an alliance to work, each member of that alliance needs to notify the mods via e-mail or facebook.) 

Afterwards, you may select which area of the map you will run to (You may only run up to 5 horizontal, diagonal or vertical squares each day). Not sending which square you choose to run to or sending an invalid square will mean that you forfeit your chance to move and that you will remain in that square for the rest of the day.

If you are in the same square as the other tributes, you will be notified. You may choose to fight or align.
You must consume food and water each day. Several days without food and water will kill you. There are 3 ways in which you can find food and water (To use the food and water packs that you have or to search the surroundings or asking for sponsors) 
You may also choose to target tributes, which means that you will follow them to their first destination and if both of you survive the bloodbath, you will follow them to their destination.
Note: For those who choose to stay in the cornocopia, you will be given a list of the items that have been left behind and you may choose which items to bring with you.
This will be your killing challenge:

To make it easier I made a quick bullet point list of what you have to send:

* 5 desired objects 
* Strategy for Bloodbath (Running away, staying, teaming up with other tributes to hunt down others.)
* Where you want to go after the Bloodbath.
*  List of Allies
* List of Targets

The 60 seconds are up. BEGIN!
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Training Scores and Information in Sponsoring

Congratulations Tributes, The official hunger games are about to start soon! But not without finishing off the training days!
It is here where we will reveal your tribute score which will affect your sponsors. Now that we're dealing with sponsors, let me explain how they will work. Every game-day, you will be asked to send us an e-mail saying the item that you currently need the most (i.e matches, a weapon, food, water, etc) and if you have enough sponsors, that item will be delivered to you via a silver parachute.
So in order to gain sponsors, you will need them to play this game: and send a screencap over to us. The time the sponsor takes to hold the button will represent how much money the sponsor has pitched in for that item that you really need.
Another way to gain sponsors is to have a high tribute score, your tribute score will grant you instant sponsors in the game (1 point = 5 minutes spent holding the button). So people will high training days scores have instant sponsors. Congratulations!
Anyways let's move to the scores!
HG ORG Scores-0
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Training Days

Hunger Games ORG Season 1 - The Training Days

Welcome to the Training Centre!
Before you are allowed to move on to training let me tell you that last year's games that one out every eight deaths was caused by a Natural Element or was related to an injury. So I recommend you that instead of attemptint to dominate most weapons you also think of what the arena may have prepared against you.
Here are the challenges you can play:
1.) Archery
2.) Melee Proficiency Projectiles Spears Fire Making Animal Snares – Play this game on Easy Mode) 7.) Sprinting – First Aid Tracking - (Note: The game mode you wish to play is up to you, but you’ll get more points in harder levels.)10.) Swimming Identifying Poison - Shelter (Note: You may play any level. You must play the game on Medium Mode)
You must send you submission to (scores may be sent to the host via facebook if allowed). You have a total of 48 hours to talk to the other tributes and submit your scores.
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Applications for the 1st Official Annual Games! (Re-Re-Opened)

What's new with the Hunger Games?
1.) We removed the Stealth challenges and Survival challenges are gonna be less rampant. This will make the ORG less challenge based, and more on strategy.
2.) This will officially be Season 1. Since the last season was had so many kinks in the system, we decided to treat it as Season 0. Which means that every contestant who competed in the last season, may re-apply once again.
3.) You may join using emails.
4.) Joint sponsors. If two tributes from the same district are in an alliance, they may combine their sponsor points in hopes of getting items.

Now for the application.
For this season we have come up with a less "time consuming" application, it will be as easy as filling the following details:
* Name:
* Mangatar:
* 6 prefared districts (listed from prefared to least prefared.)
The Season will officially start on around the end of July/beggining of August, 2014. Thank you! and may the odds be ever in your favor!
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Dear People

Both All-Stars seasons have ended and we have signed up for a long time now. Please begin this soon. kthnksbay <3
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