Applications for the 2nd Official Hunger Games!

In Season 0 the tributes battled during seven days in an arena with unstable climate, mind controlling fog and even a volcano. In Season 1 the tribtes slaughtered each other in a freezing landscape fighting through extreme cold and cunning muttations. 
For Season 2... 12 past tributes will return once again to the arena together with 12 brand new tributes to attempt to survive an epic battle royale.
Now for the application.
For this season we have come up with a less "time consuming" application, it will be as easy as filling the following details:
* Name:
* Mangatar:
* 6 prefared districts (listed from prefared to least prefared.)
I will message a total of 16 past contestants offering them a second chance. Their identities will remain secret until I reveal their names at the reaping.
The Season will officially start on around the Middle of October, 2014. Thank you! and may the odds be ever in your favor!