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Yui Nii-san
Alejandro Reyes
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
• 11/23/2013

Training Days Results/Sponsor Information

Congratulations Tributes, The official hunger games are about to start soon! But not without finishing off the training days!

It is here where we will reveal your tribute score which will affect your sponsors. Now that we're dealing with sponsors, let me explain how they will work. Every game-day, you will be asked to send us an e-mail saying the item that you currently need the most (i.e matches, a weapon, food, water, etc) and if you have enough sponsors, that item will be delivered to you via a silver parachute.

So in order to gain sponsors, you will need them to play this game: and send a screencap over to us. The time the sponsor takes to hold the button will represent how much money the sponsor has pitched in for that item that you really need.

Another way to gain sponsors is to have a high tribute score, your tribute score will grant you instant sponsors in the game (1 point = 5 minutes spent holding the button). So people will high training days scores have instant sponsors. Congratulations!

District 1 Name Appearance
0 Taylor Machholz
0 Eddie Thomas
1457016 549694558446926 627706951 a

District 2 Name Appearance
0 Charlie Neilson
12 Arianna Reales
Arianna reales

District 3 Name Appearance
0 Jake Riederich
12 Blake Bougerolle

District 4 Name Appearance
7 Monkey
Monkey (8)
12 Szymon Sucharski

District 5 Name Appearance
0 JP Ungco
10 Mark Olasiman
Mark Olasiman

District 6 Name Appearance
6 John Arvin Dollosa
9 Lucas Toft
Mick Tesso
District 7 Name Appearance
12 Joan Trives
Joan Trives
3 Micah Thomas
Micah thomas

District 8 Name Appearance
4 Celine Vega
3 Katherine Abarea

District 9 Name Appearance
11 Enrique Craft
Enrique craft
12 Zombie

District 10 Name Appearance
0 Samuel Hall
Sam Hall
4 Jennifer Naya
Jennifer naya

District 11 Name Appearance
3 CJ Komikura
Cj komikura
3 Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson

District 12 Name Appearance
5 Rick Lowell
3 Erikson Montgomery
Erikson montgomery

Congratulations in an overwhelming number of tributes with 12 points! Good luck tributes! The details of the bloodbath will be posted soon!

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Yui Nii-san
Alejandro Reyes
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
• 11/23/2013
Boo we should be allowed to send them on FB. None of my many email accounts work.
• 11/23/2013
A 12 o.o
• 11/23/2013
Is 12 good or bad?
• 11/23/2013
Very good. It's the maximum.
• 11/23/2013
Boo ya! 
• 11/24/2013

Charlie, since you will not be able to send your scores through e-mai. I will allow you to send it to me, however please consistently remind me about it since I may forget. (The reason why we ask you to send it to our hungergames e-mail is because it's easier to record)

• 11/24/2013
How did i allow myself to miss this.
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