Day 1 - The Anthem

Several cannons were fired after the bloodbath. The tributes slowly count as the cannons stop after the 11th one.

Eleven tributes dead.

Later that night, as the tributes were preparing to sleep. They saw the emblem of the capitol and the faces of the fallen tributes.

District 1: Eddie Thomas

District 2: Charlie Neilson and Arianna Reales

District 3: Jake Riederich

District 5: Mark Olasiman

District 6: Lucas Toft

District 7: Macah Thomas

District 8: Celine Vega

District 9: Zombie

District 11: Randy Johnson

District 12: Erikson Montgomery

The anthem ends as the night sky grows darker. All the tributes are exhausted. They don't seem to need any fire since the night is unusually warm...