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Alejandro Reyes
• 11/30/2013

Night 2 - The Anthem

Everything is quiet…too quiet...

You’re all startled by the sudden sound of the anthem and the seal of the capitol in the skies and you see the faces of the fallen tributes.

From District 8: Katherine Abarea

From District 9: Enrique Kraft

From District 10: Jennifer Naya

From District 12: Rick Lowell

The sky turns dark again, you notice how cloudy it is tonight…unusually cloudy…then you notice that what you’re seeing aren’t clouds…it’s fog

You feel the ground move as a magnitude 8 earthquake strikes! But this isn’t just any earthquake, It’s a game maker made earthquake. It acts like a huge wave on the ground as all the tributes are shaken.

You see trees walking out of the ground through their roots, you see the ground you walk on move like a 20ft tsunami, you see lights and flashing colors everywhere…

Everything you know tells you that nothing you see is real…and that’s when you realize…it isn’t! What you’re seeing right now is a hallucination caused by the fog.

You feel your body moving, it’s out of control. You don’t know where you’re going, you’re blanking out…you see nothing at all…

You then start to think that you’re back in the city… you see 3 men with guns firing bullets at you… something tells you that the fog was made by the game makers, it can create any hallucination that the game makers want… something tells you, that if you die in your hallucination…you die for real.


You will all have to play a Survival challenge. Just to be clear, the tribute/s that scores the lowest in survival challenge will die.

Here is your challenge.

Remember that we are now using a NEW e-mail address due to complications with the old one. We apologize for the inconvenience. The new E-Mail address is

Sending your screencap to the Yahoo or Google e-mail address MAY invalidate your score if we are unable to see it. Thank you tributes and good luck.

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Alejandro Reyes
• 11/30/2013

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 10am UTC

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