Day 3

It was all a dream, you’re safe… You’ve survived…you distinctly remember hearing a cannon go off though…you wonder who died.

You open your eyes and do not recognize your surroundings. You must have walked around a lot more than you thought.

“Attention Tributes, now that you are all awake. All 8 of you have been separated onto both sides of the arena with 4 tributes on each side. There is currently a force field between vertical lines 5 and 6, any tribute who tries to cross the force field will be incinerated. The force field will turn off once 2 tributes from each side are killed.”


So each of you have been placed on a new area of the map via randomization, all 4 of you on each side will have to hunt each other down and kill 2 other tributes. When both sides have successfully killed 2 tributes, the force field will be removed.

You will be given a private message regarding your new location.

Here are the things you must accomplish by the end of this game day:

1.) Your killing challenge:

2.) Your next destination

3.) Things you will eat and drink

4.) Confessional (optional)


Your items that were on your person are still with you. Items left on your camp will remain there. Send in your answers to