Day 4 - The Feast

You wake up to the cold whether...cold? since when did it become cold? you open your eyes and you feel like you're in Santa's village, it's snowing!

But don't get happy just yet, your fingers are starting to need fire and water soon. You look over to the lake and shallow ponds and notice that ALL THE WATER is frozen.

For those of you who do not have fire or water, there will be a feast held in a location where all tributes will be able to go to. For the tributes on the left side, please proceed to E-3 and for tributes on the right side, please proceed to E-8. A surplus in fire and water will be available there. Good luck

Tributes that don't obtain fire by TONIGHT will die of hypothermia, tributes that don't have water will slowly die of thirst.

Since no tribute made use of the killing challenge scores, there will be NO KILLING CHALLENGE today, instead, your killing score from the last challenge will be carried over to today (You may still resend your challenge scores if you don't feel confident in your current one)