The final 3:

Joan sits patiently in the cornocopia, eagerly awaiting the final battle. He is then startled by a 9 year old boy who comes chargina at him with a spear. Joan quickly pulls out his sword and attempts to swing it at John Arvin, but John Arvin managed to use the spear to swing the sword off Joan's hand. 

Joan decides not to pick up the sword, he then staggers back and pulls out a few throwing knives. He aims one at John Arvin's heart. But John Arvin is too fast, he runs towards Joan in a zig-zag pattern and manages to dodge several of the throwing knives.

John Arvin pulls out his hunting knife, jumps up and stabs Joan through his lower jaw. Joan falls to the ground as John Arvin finishes the job by pulling out the knife and jabbing it through Joan's temple.


Night time was approaching quickly, the tributes knew that the volcano would erupt within 2 days. This is the second day and John Arvin seems to be the only one in the safe zone...

He then sees Monkey limping in a distance towards the cornocopia with a spear in one hand. John Arvin pulls out his hunting knife and attempts to hide in order to have the element of surprise. 

They are both knocked to the ground by a huge explosion. It's coming from the volcano! Rocks and roaring magma burst out of the crater as the ground shakes in a huge earthquake. 

John Arvin remains in his hiding place as his heart starts to plummet out of his chest. He sees the Magma coming closer and closer, but not close enough to reach the cornocopia.

The magma starts coming near Monkey, who tries to out-run it but is suffocated by the deadly toxins coming from the magma. He falls down as the magma burns his feet and slowly fries him to a crisp.


The sound of the canon signified the death of the 23rd tribute. The ground stopped shaking, the heat stopped rising, and the roaring red magma turned into a soft soothing brown as it was absorbed by the ground.

John arvin
"Ladies and Gentlemen. We are pround to present the winner of the first ever Hunger Games - John Arvin Dollosa!"

John Arvin, from District 6 is now the very first winner of the Hunger Games and will receive the prize of having a book written about the Hunger Games from his point of view. 

Congratulations John Arvin! The odds were definitely in your favor!