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Nightlock Kryptonite
• 12/19/2013

Victory Tour - Award Ceremonies

Welcome to the Hunger Games - Award Ceremonies!

Welcome to the Hunger Games Victory Tour! where we remember the significant tributes and supporterswho made a huge impact on the game. So lets open the Award Ceremonies!

Our first award is for the Most Deadly Tribute. These are the tributes who sought out to kill and were the most ruthless throughout the whole game. Definitely in the spirit of the Hunger Games!

Our nominees are: Szymon Sucharski and Samuel Hall.

Our second award is for the Best Strategist. Let's remember that strategy is a huge portion in the Hunger Games. It's not always the strongest who end up winning, sometimes, being the smartest will keep you alive!

Our nominees are: Szymon Sucharski, Joan Trives, Taylor Machholz and John Arvin Dollosa

Our third award is the Early Exit Award. To remember those who had a good chance at winning, but ended up being eliminated in the blood bath.

Our nominees are: Zombie, Mark Olasiman and Lucas Toft

Our fourth award is #1 contender award. This is given to those who were the odds on favorite to win, even us Moderators thought these nominees would end up winning.

Our nominees are: JP Ungco, Szymon Sucharski and Blake Bougerolle

Our fifth award is the Lone Wolf Award. This award is given to those who made it deep into the game without any aid from anyone. Let's remember that being the lone wolf is a very valid strategy.

Our nominees are: JP Ungco, CJ Komikura and Samuel Hall

Our sixth award is not for any tribute, it's for the people who were not in the game and yet made a huge effect in our season. Lets all remember our valid sponsors! (due to privacy reasons, we will not be posting their names as nominees)

And our final award is for the Best Moderator! It takes so much time and effort to become a good moderator, so lets remember our brilliant mods for this season who made it a good success!

Nominees: Aston Hughes, Luke Spiers, Sam Cancanpiano and Gerda Parkja (for obvious reasons, I will not be included in the list.)

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Nightlock Kryptonite
• 2/15/2014
:P the deadly lone wolf
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