Interview With The Winner

Let's all welcome our very first winner. John Arvin Dollosa of District 6!

Alejandro: Did you ever expect to come out of the Hunger Games alive?

John Arvin: I don't really know. But I guess I wouldn't. I'm just a kid who doesn’t know anything about survival skills but luckily I came up whooping a lot of supplies and many more. It's actually fun to see myself safe and the others dying, so you would go have your chances higher and higher as many tributes die and die.

Alejandro: So when did you realize that you could win? What was the key factor in the game that made you say "I can win this game!"?

John Arvin: When I saw I made myself in the Final 4, then surprisingly, I killed Syzmon, I knew that in my mind, I can totally win this game. I just acted like I wasn't so that if I lost, it wasn't a big deal, because I didn't really show the world HOW I felt about me actually having a chance at the win.

Alejandro: Alright, so among all the dead tributes, which death do you feel worst about?

John Arvin: Well, my supposed to be ally Mick, but he was cut short and was killed first. So it wasn't really a big deal, but he's from my district. And besides I'm really blind about what happened in the whole game, since NO ONE EVEN DARED TO HUNT ME. So yeah, that explains a lot to your question.

Alejandro: If you could re-do your season, would you do anything differently?

John Arvin: Well, nothing. I'd rather be treated like Johanna. Because I dont want to be those guys from district 1 whom they target immediately, even though, they hadn't even started a single thing.

Alejandro: So you are a very notable winner, the weapon you've used to kill majority of your enemies was a basic Hunting Knife! That's very noteworthy, how do you feel about killing tributes who had better and bigger weapons than you?

John Arvin: Very great, because that explains the quote, don't underestimate a thing. Even though, this basic hunting knife looked like some old rusty not so weapon thing, it can actually kill a bunch of people. So yeah, I really felt great about it. Next time, use basic, because you don't know how to operate the bigger ones.

Alejandro: It's amazing how the youngest contestant ever from a nearly unknown district won the Hunger Games. What was your biggest strategy in the game aside from playing "Under the Radar"?

John Arvin: I don't know. Maybe because me being unpopular was kind of an advantage, because no one cared to hunt or kill you. So, this might be the other one. The poison the people didn't actually worked since I didn't meet a lot of people in my way.

Alejandro: In the early game, you had the perfect opportunity to to trick Blake Bougerolle into eating poisonous berries. What kept your from making your second kill?

John Arvin: Well, I'm actually thought about whether to kill him or not. But I needed an ally, so I guessed I wouldn't.

Alejandro: So how did you feel when you both got separated so early in the game?

John Arvin: Nothing. Well, I'm kinda scared for not having a single ally at my side. But I figured out, I can do this alone.

Alejandro: If you and Blake were put on the same side of the arena during the final 8 (when there was a force field) Would you two have aligned again?

John Arvin: Yeah, for sure. I guess so.

Alejandro: Alright, now one last question. Would you be willing to mentor the tributes for next season?

John Arvin: Sure, but I think I'd rather have unpopular students than cocky ones.

Alejandro: Haha! Alright, thank you for your time John Arvin! You're by far the most humble and most shocking player to play this season! Congratulations again for winning the first ever Hunger Games!

John Arvin: Sure, thanks