What's new with the Hunger Games?

1.) We removed the Stealth challenges and Survival challenges are gonna be less rampant. This will make the ORG less challenge based, and more on strategy.

2.) This will officially be Season 1. Since the last season was had so many kinks in the system, we decided to treat it as Season 0. Which means that every contestant who competed in the last season, may re-apply once again.

3.) You may join using emails.

4.) Joint sponsors. If two tributes from the same district are in an alliance, they may combine their sponsor points in hopes of getting items.

Now for the application.

For this season we have come up with a less "time consuming" application, it will be as easy as filling the following details:

* Name:

* Mangatar:

* 6 prefared districts (listed from prefared to least prefared.)

The Season will officially start on around the end of July/beggining of August, 2014. Thank you! and may the odds be ever in your favor!