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• 7/21/2014

Training Days

Hunger Games ORG Season 1 - The Training Days

Hunger Games ORG Season 1 - The Training Days

Welcome to the Training Centre!

Before you are allowed to move on to training let me tell you that last year's games that one out every eight deaths was caused by a Natural Element or was related to an injury. So I recommend you that instead of attemptint to dominate most weapons you also think of what the arena may have prepared against you.

Here are the challenges you can play:

1.) Archery

2.) Melee Proficiency
3.) Projectiles
4.) Spears
5.) Fire Making
6.) Animal Snares –
(Note: Play this game on Easy Mode) 7.) Sprinting –
8.) First Aid
9.) Tracking - (Note: The game mode you wish to play is up to you, but you’ll get more points in harder levels.)
10.) Swimming
11.) Identifying Poison -
12.) Shelter (Note: You may play any level. You must play the game on Medium Mode)

You must send you submission to (scores may be sent to the host via facebook if allowed). You have a total of 48 hours to talk to the other tributes and submit your scores. 

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• 7/22/2014
Do we have to do all these challenges?
• 7/22/2014

oh just watched the video, nevermind ^_^

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