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• 7/23/2014

Training Scores and Information in Sponsoring

Congratulations Tributes, The official hunger games are about to start soon! But not without finishing off the training days!

It is here where we will reveal your tribute score which will affect your sponsors. Now that we're dealing with sponsors, let me explain how they will work. Every game-day, you will be asked to send us an e-mail saying the item that you currently need the most (i.e matches, a weapon, food, water, etc) and if you have enough sponsors, that item will be delivered to you via a silver parachute.

So in order to gain sponsors, you will need them to play this game: and send a screencap over to us. The time the sponsor takes to hold the button will represent how much money the sponsor has pitched in for that item that you really need.

Another way to gain sponsors is to have a high tribute score, your tribute score will grant you instant sponsors in the game (1 point = 5 minutes spent holding the button). So people will high training days scores have instant sponsors. Congratulations!

Anyways let's move to the scores!

HG ORG Scores-0

HG ORG Scores-0

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