Day 2

It is said that the night is when the temperature is when the arena is the coldest. However you wake up, shivering. None of the tributes had time to start a fire or make a shelter due to the night arriving suddenly and the gamemakers tricking the tributes with the average temperature last night.

People who don't build a shelter , have supplies such as sleeping bags or make a fire. However shelters unless they are of high quality will not block off the cold. If you don't manage to do any of those you will die of hypothermia.

We’d also like to remind the tributes about sponsors. You can get sponsors in 3 ways:

1.) Have a high tribute score (Tribute Score x 5)

2.) Kill another tribute (15 points)

3.) Have a friend who is NOT PLAYING IN THE HUNGER GAMES sponsor you by playing this and sending a screencap to (1 minute = 1 point. 1 Minute and 59 seconds is still 1 point).

Send the item you need the most to and if you have enough sponsor points, your desired item will be delivered to you via silver parachute.

Now for your challenges:

Killing Challenge:

Read these rules CAREFULLY because it may be a little tricky.

1.) You must play with 3 opponents

2.) You must play at level 1

3.) You must only play 1 game. (If you are not satisfied with your score, DO NOT click the yellow “play now” button, click “quit” then repeat the game)

4.) Only play 1 player

(Failure to comply with these rules will result to you getting a score of 0)

Things needed for day 2:

1.) Tell us which part of the map you intend on going

2.) Tell us which items you consume.

3.) Additional Strategies (optional)

4.) Screenshot of game