Day 5

As you wake up you see that a thin layer of fog surrounds you, it is somehow more like hot water vapour. You wonder how the fog could have been created when suddenly the anthem plays.

"Hello tributes! We know that many of you spent an entire day without eating and we've made the arena even colder over night meaning that if you don't eat in 3 days in a row you'll be pretty much dead! So you must think, how nice of the gamemakers to warn you that our chances of starving are even higher than we thought! Well wait for that because you are going to love us, in two days a.k.a. Day 7 we are having a feast in the cornucopia. There will be a backpack for each tribute containing food or something they need.

Sadly we know that some of you don't enjoy socialising with the other tributes so what we did was release the mist you see in the arena over night while we turned the temperature down. It's actually a poisonous gas that will kill you in a horrible way unless you drink a special medication we will include in your feast backpacks. Don't worry, the gas will go away in a few hours we don't want to overdose any of you. But remember that if you don't go to the feast and grab a cure you will be dead.

May the odds be ever in your favour!"

The announcement cuts off and the fog isn't that warm any longer.

Things to do:

1.) Your killing challenge: It's staying the same due to no deaths occuring on Day 4.

2.) Your next destination

3.) Things you will eat and drink

4.) Confessional (optional)