Alliances are a group of people who have decided to band with each other until the late game in order to have a better chance at survival. There are good and bad sides to having alliances.


  1. Increases your "Killing Others" score - If you are in an alliance and you are about to kill another tribute. The equation will be your alliance's average score + The 1/2 score of your lowest ranking ally (Example Ally 1's score is 5, Ally 2's score is 4. Your alliance's score will be 6.5). This will potentially increase your chances at killing another tribute. If you happen to cross another alliance, you will be allowed to allocate who targets who (Example: Tribute 1 and Tribute 2 will target Tribute 3 while Tribute 4 and Tribute 5 will target Tribute 6).
  2. Sharing of items - Your allies will be allowed to share their items with you. You may choose to hide some items away from your allies. But unless you tell a moderator that the item is hidden, your allies will be allowed to see your items.


1.) Since you will always travel as a group, your ally can kill you at any time. If they have a stronger "Killing Others" score than you do, you will die

2.) Your allies will be given the stats of your challenges.