This is the page where you will find out how the Hunger Games Wikia will work. 


When you send in your application. We will decide what district you belong to based on how we assess your application form (Note: All districts are equal at this time, there are no district biasses). We your specialty weapons will be pre-determined and finding them in the game will give you a significant advantage.

Stages In The Game

There are a total of 4 stages in the game which the districts will be tasks to go through. The Reaping This is the stage where your tribe's district will be announced. You will receive a personal message on what your specialty weapon is.

The Reaping

This is the stage in the game where we will release the cast list of the Hunger Games competitors and when we will announce your districts.

The Training Days

This is the stage where the tributes will be tasked in completing up to 8 out of 12 challenges. Each challenge they do will contribute to their "Training Score" which can greatly attract sponsors. 

For More Information, Please see: The Training Days

The Blood Bath

The Blood Bath is the first part of the Hunger Games where tributes can actually die. They are put into pods to circle a large area which is filled with supplies from survival gear, to weapons. After 60 seconds, the gong will ring and all 24 tributes will be able to choose to race to get the supplies or to run away in hopes of survival.

For More Information, please see: The Blood Bath

The Main Game

It is at this point in the game where the point portion of the Hunger Games will take place. Each day will last 24-36 hours UTC. Since people all around the world will be competing in this game, we will have the moderators post a thread at the start of each day and what time the day will end at UTC,

For More Information, please read: The Main Game