Joan T
Joan Trives
Contestant Profile
District 7

Season 0

Challenge(s) Melee Weapons



Shelter Building

Kills Celine Vega
Killed By John Arvin Dollosa
Placement 3/24


Hunger Games: SEASONEdit

Joan started on an alliance with Szymon, Monkey, Taylor and Lucas. During the Training Joan became skilled with Melee Weapons, getting the best score at the melee weapons challenge. He also became skilled at shelter building also getting the best score. He also became skilled at sprinting and using spears but was not the best at it. He recieved a 12 as his trainign score.

Due to trust problems with Lucas the alliance turned on him on Day 1, killing him on the Bloodbath. Joan grabbed a short sword and in his way to the water stationa t the cornucopia he came accross Celine, Celine was weaponless and Joan stabbed her killing her. He grabbed water and food and fled to sector J5. 

On J5 Joan and his allies Monkey and Szymon built a shelter that was virtually indestructible thanks to Joan's shelter skills. 

Post-Hunger GamesEdit

  • Joan became the mentor for Districts 7, 10 and 11 on Season 1.