Sponsors are people outside the game who donate money in order to send a favorite tribute a "gift" that will significantly help them in the game.

Who are the sponsors?Edit

The sponsors in the Hunger Games ORG will be people outside the game who will play a game. The score they receive must be "Print Screened" and sent to the moderator's e-mail address with their name and the person that they would like to send the points to.

How do I know what I will receive?Edit

At the beginning of each day. You will have to send us an E-Mail that will tell us the item that you need the most.  If you have enough points, that item will be automatically sent to you.

If you fail to tell us which item you need. The item that you wanted from the last E-Mail you sent will be carried over to the next day until you change it. (For example, if you sent us an E-Mail saying that you need "Food" on Day 2 and you forget to tell us what you need on Day 3. "Food" will still be considered as the item that you need the most until you change it)

How do I know how many points I have?Edit

That will be confidential! The point system and the value of those points will be kept a secret, just like the real Hunger Games.