What is the Blood Bath?

The Blood Bath is the first part of the Hunger Games where tributes can actually die. They are put into pods to circle a large area which is filled with supplies from survival gear, to weapons. After 60 seconds, the gong will ring and all 24 tributes will be able to choose to race to get the supplies or to run away in hopes of survival.

Mechanics of the Blood Bath

The Tributes will be asked to play a flash game before this portion. We will base the scenario on your scores.  

This is the stage in the game where the tributes are transported to the arena and will be tempted to fight for weapons, survival equipment and tools. There will be a posted map of where you may run to to scavenge for supplies.

You may choose 5 places to run to, If another tribute also chose to run to that area - you may form an alliance, fight or flee. After doing so, you may go to the next area you chose to run to. 

The tributes will then be asked to do 1 of 2 things. Either to run away from the bloodbath, or to get supplies. 

1.) Run away from the blood bath

- This will guarantee their survival in this stage but they will not be allowed to choose any items.- If you meet other tributes in this stage of the game who will try to fight, we will determine who dies based on the score of the flash game. 

2.) Fight for Supplies

- The tributes will be asked to choose 1 out of 2 attitudes if they choose this strategy. Either "Fight" or "Flee" If you run into another tribute and you choose to not form an alliance. We will use your scores in the flash game to determine what will happen next: 

If both tributes used "Flee" as their strategy.

- The person with the lowest score will receive a small item, while the person with the highest score will receive a big item. Both tributes will survive.

If one tribute used "Flee" while the other tribute used "Fight".

- The scenario will be determined by basing the score off of the flash game. If the person with "Flee" gets a higher score, they run away with a big item while the person with fight gets a small item. If the person with "Fight" gets a higher score, then both tributes will do another challenge BUT the tribute who chose "Fight" gets a 10% advantage. One tribute may die in this scenario. 

If both tributes choose to "Fight".

- Then the person with the lowest score on the flash game will be killed. The person who survives gets 2 big items of his choosing.